Dr. Erika Parker

M.A. Clinical Psychology
Ph.D. Pastoral Counseling

11 Willow Road, Northcliff, Johannesburg, South Africa Tel: 011 678 5978

in Northcliff, Johannesburg

About me:

I am a registered Clinical

Psychologist and Pastoral Counsellor working from my practice in Northcliff, Johannesburg - providing services to clients local (Northcliff and surrounding areas e.g. Fairland, Linden, Montgomery Park, Randburg, Quellerina, Florida Glen, Maraisburg, etc), national and international. I work with individuals, couples and groups in their specific areas of need.


M.A. In Clinical Psychology

Ph.D In Pastoral Counseling

Certificates in
    Attachment Therapy
    Addictions and sexual


    Filial Therapy

    Art Therapy


    Play Therapy

    Trauma Therapy

Registered with:

The Health Professions Council of South Africa in the category of Clinical Psychologist

Registration number: 0058424

The Board of Health Care Funders of Southern Africa.

Practice number: 8638667

Experienced in helping people of all ages with:

Personal and intimate issues;

Personal growth/development;

Trauma counseling

Relationship and marriage

Relationship and marriage therapy

Spiritual guidance

Pastoral Counseling

Looking for a psychologist?

Life gets to everybody. And when you don’t know what to do anymore, you often need someone to walk alongside you and help you take a step in the right direction. That is what psychotherapy is all about. It is about helping you to get your life back on track again!

A psychologist can help you…

Psychotherapy is, however, about more than that. It is also about helping you...

The helping role of the psychologist...

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Payment options:

My fees are according to the National Health Pricelist. Most medical aid funds adhere to these fees.


Credit card



In specific cases, medical aids.

My role as a psychologist is to create an environment that will make it safer and easier for you to work with any or all of the abovementioned areas of your life.

To facilitate this process, you will need…

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