Dr. Erika Parker

M.A. Clinical Psychology
Ph.D. Pastoral Counseling

11 Willow Road, Northcliff, Johannesburg, South Africa Tel: 011 678 5978

in Northcliff, Johannesburg

Registered psychologist in Northcliff Johannesburg

Being human is our biggest challenge. We have complex thought processes, feelings and ways of reacting to the world we live in. Therefore our personal experiences and ways of relating to our world are difficult to understand - even by ourselves! These complexities become even more difficult to understand when one is faced with hardship, trauma, uncertainty and change.

It is therefore very helpful to join hands with a professional therapist - especially if his/her preferred way of working is to teach you how to help yourself. In meeting with your psychotherapist the two of you will agree upon the areas of your life to work on, as well as on the results you would like to achieve. It is in the process of working together (called individual therapy) that you will be able to unpack the issues at hand, gain perspective, acquire helping skills and find solutions.

What then can you expect from individual therapy?

Well, you can expect:

Individual psychotherapy will help you …

In the end individual psychotherapy is a process of joining resources with a professional therapist in order to get your life under control and to steer it towards a better future.

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registered clinical psychologist in Johannesburg north

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